Most reliable car makers – and they’re probably not who you think they are

Reliable cars

Cars like the British-built Honda Civic feature at the top of the reliability charts (Picture © Honda)

The Japanese might make the most reliable cars according to breakdown data but it’s the German car makers who have the reputation for dependability. A new study has revealed that people think German motors are more reliable than they actually are.

The data was released by WarrantyWise, a company that specialises in selling aftermarket warranties for cars. It surveyed 750 drivers for their perceptions about reliability. The results show that many people’s idea of who makes reliable cars flies in the face of reality. Continue reading

Most reliable cars come from Japan and Korea

Most reliable cars

Toyota’s reputation for reliability appears well founded (Picture © Toyota)

If you want a car that isn’t going to let you down, you should look to makers from the far east. New figures from guarantee firm Warrantywise show the top 10 most reliable cars comprises seven manufacturers from Japan and one from Korea.

The Warrantywise data revealed that the five most reliable manufacturers are Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Mazda – all from Japan. They are followed by Korean company Hyundai and Japan’s Nissan. Ford is the first non-far eastern brand. The findings tally with the 2015 Auto Express Driver Power survey where owners rated the Toyota iQ and the NX and IS from sister brand Lexus as the UK’s top three most reliable cars.

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