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A year of complaining: how the Motor Ombudsman helps drivers

A year of complaining: how the Motor Ombudsman is helping drivers

Dealing with complaints for an entire year probably won’t seem like anyone’s idea of a good time. But that is exactly what the Motor Ombudsman was set up for. And after a year of resolving disputes between drivers and garages, the organisation says complaints remain high.

Founded last November, the Motor Ombudsman is a voluntary and fully impartial private sector organisation to regulate the motor industry. With a code of practice set out by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, it offers drivers a free dispute resolution service. This covers areas including car sales, servicing, repair, and warranty problems. Read on to find out what’s been driving motorists round the bend in 2017.

What is making people complain?

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Is buying a used car warranty worth it? What is and isn’t covered?

Is a used car warranty worth having?

What is a used car warranty?

Whether or not you buy a used car warranty depends on the type of person you are. Are you prepared to gamble and hope that nothing will go wrong with a used car? Will you save a small amount of money each month to build up a fund for running and repairing your car? Or would you prefer to play it safe? If the answer is play it safe, then you should consider taking out a used car warranty. This is essentially an insurance policy against the cost of parts and labour following any mechanical or electrical failure.  Continue reading