Number plate

Number plates are the most popular illegal car modification

Illegal number plates can be used to dodge number plate recognition cameras (Picture iStock/yevtony)

You’ve given your car a good clean but it still doesn’t quite say enough about you. What about a modification?

Perhaps a fancy new number plate that spells out your name. Or some tinted windows to make it look a bit more ‘gangsta’. Or even some tasty lights that illuminate the road beneath as you drive along.

Of course we’re not against freedom of expression. But there are laws that must be abided by when it comes to car modifications, even if those changes are just cosmetic. New research by Comparethemarket has revealed the most popular modifications that have landed drivers in hot water.

Number plates the most common illegal mod

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How to replace your vehicle’s number plate

How to get a number plate made for a caravan

You’ll need an extra number plate if you are towing a caravan or trailer (Picture © Tow Car of the Year)

You might think that replacing a missing or broken number plate would be as simple as visiting a local car spares store and handing over a few pounds for a freshly laminated number plate. But to protect drivers from unscrupulous criminals there are legal requirements that mean everyone must produce certain identity and vehicle registration documents before a registered number plate supplier can make up a replacement number plate.  Continue reading