Car sickness

Car sickness and how to cope with it on long journeys

car sickness
Car sickness can turn a dream holiday into a nightmare (Picture iStock/imgorthand)

It’s coming up for holiday time but if there’s one thing that can spoil a long journey for all concerned, it’s car sickness. No one’s quite sure why some people feel it and others don’t. But that won’t be much consolation to whoever the victim is; whoever has to keep pulling over for the sufferer to redecorate the roadside; or other passengers who have their holiday delayed. Here we look at what car sickness is and what you can do about it.

What is car sickness

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Queasy rider: How to help stop car sickness

How to prevent car sickness

Poor old Chris Evans. The new front man for the BBC’s smash hit Top Gear television show not only has the unenviable task of taking over the most viewed factual TV programme in the world, but is allegedly finding that he suffers from terrible travel sickness.

Motion, or car sickness to the many who are blighted by it every time they get in a car, is estimated to affect around 20 million people in Britain. As Chris Evans is reported to have found, after riding along side a professional racer in a high performance Audi R8 sports car during filming for the new series of Top Gear, it often strikes when you’re a passenger in a car. But why are so many of us blighted by it? And how can we prevent ourselves becoming, well, queasy riders?

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