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Private land parking problems: numbers complaining shoot up

Private land parking problems

Drivers can even be penalised for overstaying in supermarket car parks

Private land parking problems? You’re not alone. A new law in 2012 banned drivers being clamped on private land. But that doesn’t appear to have stopped over-zealous private companies issuing fines to anyone who flouts frequently unclear signs. The extent of the problem was recently revealed when a parking enforcement company was punished by its trade body for penalising drivers after doctoring CCTV footage to show they were parked longer than they actually were.

Private land parking problems: What is the legal position?

When you park on private land you’re actually entering into a contract with the land owner. If you don’t pay, or outstay the time you have paid for, although the threatening letter might look like a fine, it’s actually an invoice. This is for breaching the contract you entered into when you parked on their land.
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