Five accessories for your vehicle this summer

light green beetle with flowers painted onto the bonnet is parked on a dirt track. pov is a close up of the right side if the bonnet and light, which has eyelashes attached.

Whether you’re preparing for outdoor adventures, or just adding your own twist on your vehicle, accessories can transform your transport.

With summer in full swing, we thought about a few accessories that could take your vehicle to the next level. Or just be a bit of fun.


Last year we saw temperatures in the 40s, and we recently wrote about how to deal with whacky weather this summer.

Sometimes we don’t realise how hot our vehicles can get. On a day that gets to 35 degrees, cars sitting in the sun for just one hour can reach 47 degrees inside.

Sunshades inside your windows can reflect the light and help fight the heat by slowing down the temperature increase in your car.

No more awkwardly lowering yourself into fiery seats. No more scolding hot steering wheels. Sunshades are the perfect vehicle accessory for hot summer days.

Phone holder or mount

Let’s make one thing clear, unless it’s an emergency or you have a hands-free device, it’s illegal to use your phone while driving.

You can receive six penalty points and a £200 fine if you use a device incorrectly. So, making sure you have a phone holder or mount is important for the law and your safety.

A phone mount can be a great accessory for long summer journeys, helping you take calls and safely use your mobile as a map.

Bike rack

This is for the adventurers.

A bike rack attached to your vehicle can be an excellent accessory for holidays and road trips. Taking your bike (or bikes) allows you to explore places that can’t always be accessed by vehicles.

It’s also great if you’re visiting specific trails. Many places offer bikes for hire, but if you have your own, you’ll save money and know the set-up is just right for you.

Pet hammock

If you have a pet, keeping them safely restrained in your vehicle is a legal requirement.

But, just because it’s the law doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun…

A hammock can provide an enclosed area for your pet and help protect your seats, all while looking adorable. You may also need a seatbelt to restrain some pets properly.

We have a pet hammock available on the Green Flag Shop.


Alright, this one’s probably not for everyone, we admit.

But with the return of 00’s fashion trends, it’s only a matter of time before lashes on vehicles make a comeback.

Oh, wait, no. We’ve just been informed that’s never going to happen…

Anyway, there we have it. From staying cool with sunshades to staying safe with phone holders, these accessories will all be handy this summer.

For more vehicle accessories and motoring must-haves, check out the Green Flag Shop.

And if you’re looking for other valuable things to have in your vehicle, give this blog a quick read.

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