Essential things to carry in your vehicle

three people sat on the edge of a vehicle's boot in an empty car park, with only their torsos-down visible.

They say motoring knowledge comes with time. Well, we’re here to provide it straight away.

So, ever wondered what the essential things to have in your vehicle are? Wonder no more.

First aid kit

The thing you never want to use, but definitely want to have close by (just in case).

You never know when you might need a plaster, some medication, or even some bandages. So, being prepared with a well-stocked first aid kit is crucial. You can make your own kit from scratch, grab a pre-made one, or add some extra bits and pieces to one you buy.

If your kit does have medication, make sure you set reminders to check it regularly. Medication is no good if it’s out of date.

You can see a range of pre-made first aid kits on our shop here.

Reflective vest

If you do ever break down, being easily seen could save your life.

They’re also a legal requirement in many European countries. So, if you’re going travelling, make sure you’re carrying everything you need.

Our technicians all have reflective stripes on their jackets to keep them visible to other road users. Your safety is no different. So, always keep one or more reflective vests in your vehicle.

You can find reflective vests from our shop here.

Driving kit

There are a variety of different driving kits available for different situations.

You may need specific items for travelling abroad, getting through the winter months, or looking after pets. You can collect items and create kits over time, or buy them pre-made (this is especially useful for travelling abroad).

Some essential things to have in your vehicle are a reflective warning triangle, a bulb kit, and a portable charger. And of course, the first aid kit and reflective vest we mentioned above.

We have a variety of pre-made travel kits on our shop here.

Fluids for your vehicle

What you need here will be specific to your vehicle.

Now, nobody likes to read manuals. But, while we can all sort of build flatpack furniture without needing the guide, we’d still recommend checking your vehicle’s manual.

When you get a new vehicle, head to the manual and look at what fluids it needs. Definitely look for the engine oil and brake fluid (as there are different types). Then go straight to a local store that sells them and get what your vehicle needs.

It doesn’t have to be a big amount. But having spare engine oil, brake fluid, screen wash, and water for the coolant can keep your vehicle moving.

Quick bit of advice. In an emergency, you can top up your coolant with water. But you’ll need to head to a garage ASAP as the anti-freeze will need rebalancing.

You can read more about checking your vehicle’s fluids in our blog here.

Portable charger

If you ever need your phone and you’re low on charge, that little power bank could be your lifeline. So, it’s pretty essential.

To make sure it’s always ready to go, we recommend setting regular reminders to check it’s fully charged.

And it’s not just phones portable chargers can be used for…


We know, your phone has a torch on it, but it can eat your battery life very quickly.

Whether you get a wind-up torch or one that can plug into your portable charger, having an extra light is extra useful (especially if you break down at night).

So, there we have it, the essential things to always have in your vehicle.

You can look through a range of motoring kits and accessories at the Green Flag Shop here.

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