Quiz: how well do you know your James Bond cars?

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Smoke from the exhausts, machine guns in the headlights and off-set sunroof for ejecting passengers. It can only be James Bond’s Aston (Picture©Bond in Motion)

In April 2020 the latest James Bond movie No Time to Die was supposed to open. Although postponed until November because of the coronavirus, like every other Bond film it’s bound to feature evil baddies, nail-biting stunts and thrilling car chases.

But for many, the Bond cars themselves will be a vital ingredient to the movie’s success. In the latest film, 007 drives an Aston Martin again. But think back to the motors in the special agent’s previous 24 adventures. How well do you know your Bond cars?


You certainly know your Bond cars. 007 would be proud of you.

Maybe it’s time you brushed up on your Bond films. Still, that’s not exactly a hardship!

#1. Bond is most associated with Aston Martin. What was the first and probably most famous model he drove (in Goldfinger)?

Always a tricky one because all three cars look superficially very similar. But the car Bond is always associated with is the DB5. (Picture©Beaulieu)

#2. In the Spy Who Loved Me, Bond drives a Lotus Esprit S2. What was special about it?

The answer is C. It became a submarine but thanks to its missile it also saw off enemies from above. (Picture©Lotus)

#3. Which car maker has provided the most noteworthy motors for James Bond films?

If you know your muscle cars you’ll recognise the Mustang Mach I from Diamonds are Forever. The answer is Ford, eclipsing General Motors. (Picture©Beaulieu)

#4. Which of the following Aston Martins has James Bond never driven?

He’s never driven a DB6. The Aston Martin DB10 shown here was actually developed specifically for the film Spectre. (Picture©Beaulieu)

#5. BMW provided Bond’s cars in three films from the mid-1990s. Which model does he control by mobile phone in Tomorrow Never Dies?

Hope you weren’t tricked by the picture of the Z3 which was designed to put you off! The correct answer is 750iL which he drives from the back seat – revolutionary for the mid 1990s. (Picture©Beaulieu)

#6. The first car Sean Connery’s Bond drives in a car chase during Dr No is a…

You need to brush up on your classic British motors. As in the picture it was a Sunbeam Alpine. Legend has it the blue car Bond drives was borrowed from a local as it was the only suitable car in Jamaica. (Picture©Beaulieu)

#7. What was unusual about the Toyota 2000GT in You Only Twice?

Bad luck. The answer is B. The pretty Toyota 2000GT was sold only as a coupe. The convertible 007 uses is one of two that were specially made so 6ft 2 Connery could fit inside. (Picture©Toyota)

#8. In For Your Eyes Only, Bond drives a yellow Citroen 2CV in a chase. Not surprising because the 2CV is France’s best-selling car ever

The 2CV is as French as berets and red wine from Burgundy. But if you thought it was the country’s best-selling car ever, you’d be mistaken. That’s actually the Renault Clio. (Picture©Beaulieu)

#9. Bond villain Mr Hinx drives a Jaguar C-X75 supercar in Spectre. Which Formula 1 team helped build the car?

The Jaguar C-X75 was a petrol-electric supercar first revealed in 2010. The project was completed in partnership with Williams (B) but it was judged too costly to produce so was cancelled. Just five prototypes were built and used in Spectre. The driver in this shot is actually then Williams F1 star and former grand prix winner Felipe Massa. (Picture©Jaguar)


#10. Bond uses a van to get away from Jaws (actor Richard Kiel) in the Spy Who Loved Me. What sort of van was it?

It was B, the Leyland Sherpa that Jaws does his best to wreck while Bond is inside trying to drive off. (Picture©Beaulieu)


23 comments on “Quiz: how well do you know your James Bond cars?

  1. Nicholas Williams 28/08/2020 11:04 PM

    Great quiz as being a Bond lover have a private car number plate starting with 007!

  2. Ian Richardson 29/08/2020 3:33 AM

    Enjoyed your Bond quiz

  3. Ken Williams 29/08/2020 8:32 AM

    What was unusual about the Toyota 2000GT in You Only Twice?
    Presumably you mean “You only LIVE twice”

    • Steven Evans 29/08/2020 8:19 PM

      It had the roof cut off so Sean Connery could fit in it

  4. Gordon frearson 29/08/2020 10:16 AM

    Great competition would like more

  5. Tony 29/08/2020 11:30 AM


  6. Glynn Mayhew 29/08/2020 8:36 PM

    No well enough I seem to think

  7. Simon Milner 30/08/2020 7:44 AM

    In “The spy who loved me” bond drive a Lotus Esprit S1. Not an S2!

  8. Rowena 30/08/2020 8:18 AM

    I am rubbish about cars

  9. Graham Robert 30/08/2020 9:14 AM

    Ford are not noteworthy motors {GT notwithstanding}.

  10. Bill Price 30/08/2020 10:42 AM

    James Bonds car was a 1928 four and a half litre Bentley, with Villiers superchargers. It was finished in Battle Ship Grey.
    According to Ian Flemming. He should know, he invented James Bond.

  11. Sandy 30/08/2020 10:55 AM

    Lovely cars – every one of them.

  12. David 30/08/2020 11:23 AM

    As I have only ever seen one bond film to get 5/10 must be some sort of achievement!1

  13. Kieran 30/08/2020 12:22 PM

    We’ll spotted Ken!

  14. David Wetherall 30/08/2020 12:47 PM

    what were the answers to the quiz

  15. Dave 30/08/2020 1:45 PM

    Q1: It isn’t a CB5 it was a DB4a!

  16. Tony 30/08/2020 2:32 PM

    Q3 is a bit of an opinion. Of course I recognised the Ford Mustang from Diamonds Are Forever, but I don’t think the Ford cars generally are the most “noteworthy” as stated in the question. They may have supplied more cars, but the Aston Martins are generally more noteworthy.

  17. Lynn Smith 30/08/2020 3:16 PM

    Easy peasy

  18. richard morin 31/08/2020 9:39 AM

    Same as total rubbish i it breaks down i kick and walk i am rubbish thats why i have green flag

  19. Wynne 31/08/2020 11:44 AM

    #3 – the picture was obviously the Mustang Mach 1 from Diamonds are forever, but the question didn’t specify that picture/film, and Aston Martin have provided far more noteworthy cars than Ford!

  20. Nigel 01/09/2020 6:58 AM

    Loving the Aston martin!!!

  21. mark 01/09/2020 10:14 AM

    not as easy as it looks

  22. The Bear 01/09/2020 12:57 PM

    How humbling!

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