Perfect Christmas gifts for car fans

Perfect Christmas gifts for car fans

Track days where you drive your own car can be a brilliant present (Picture © Guild of Motoring Writers)

The perfect Christmas gifts for car fans can vary from something they’ll use on their car to something about their car or something to do with their car. It may even be their first car, if they’re very young. Or it could be an item of retro clothing that helps them turn back the years. Here are five ideas for the perfect Christmas gifts for the car enthusiast in your life. 

Track days £90
Track days are always a favourite with car fans and there are a huge variety for both cars and motorbikes all over the country. They fall broadly into two camps: those where you use your own car and those where you drive someone else’s. The former are actually more expensive, usually costing anywhere between £110 and £290, depending on the circuit you choose. But the driver will get an awful lot more laps. The track days where you use someone else’s car – usually billed as ‘Experiences’ ‑ sound better on the face of it. They’re cheaper (from around £90), you get some tuition, and you’ll drive a supercar such as a Porsche 911 Turbo. However, you generally only get a handful of laps which go in a flash at the wheel of a very fast car.

Perfect Christmas gifts for car fans

Electriccars4kids do this mini MINI

Kids’ electric car £119.99
It’s every junior car fan’s dream to drive. And in a mini electric car they can, in perfect safety. These cars are powered by a six-volt rechargeable battery, they have forward and reverse speeds and will drive at up to 3mph. The MINI in the pictures has working lights, a dashboard that includes a battery life meter and a remote control for the parents, which could come in handy for younger children. It’s suitable for ages three to six.

Model cars from £59.99
Model cars make the perfect Christmas gifts for car fans. Diecast Legends can satisfy almost any taste with an enormous number of both road and racing cars taking in all eras. John Lennon’s 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V complete with psychedelic paint job was one that caught our eye. In 1:18 scale it costs £167.99. Another was Jenson Button’s 2014 McLaren grand prix car in 1:43 and priced at £119.99. They’re not all as expensive as those with some prices starting at the £59.99 mark. But be warned: these are models not toys; they incorporate amazing details but won’t withstand being played with.

Perfect Christmas gifts for car fans

Autoglym do this car cleaning kit

Car cleaning kit from £10
For some, cleaning the car is a chore. For true car fans, it’s an excuse to polish, primp, pamper and protect one of the loves of their life. You can buy car cleaning kits from any motor retailer. However, Autoglym is the king of the car valeting world. Its £60 collection pack contains nine carefully chosen products designed to work together to help you clean, and safeguard your car’s bodywork, wheels and interior.

Perfect Christmas gifts for car fans

Retro James Hunt T shirt from Hotfuel

Retro clothing £19.99
If your loved one’s imagination was fired by watching the movie Rush about James Hunt and Niki Lauda, what better gift than this T shirt? In true retro style it depicts the teddy bear logo of the Hesketh team for whom Hunt made his name in motor racing. Hotfuel which supplies it has a variety of vintage Formula One-related T-shirts from the 60s, 70s and 80s and features a collection of Ayrton Senna T-shirts too.

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