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How to recover a car’s missing service history

How to recover a car's missing service history

A car’s service history is important but it could be missing for perfectly legitimate reasons (Picture © Mercedes)

No matter what shape and size, or how cheap or expensive the brand, every car needs to be maintained according to a service schedule that is set out by the vehicle manufacturer.

Often, however, the paperwork associated with the servicing of a car can be missing. That can be for all sorts of legitimate reasons, such as losing it during a house move or being mislaid by an elderly relative who is no longer driving.

Thankfully, recovering a missing service record is possible – and pleasingly straightforward. But it’s important to understand the significance of a service record.  Continue reading

How to buy a car off eBay and get the best results

Buy a car off eBay

It can be simple and straightforward to buy a car off eBay and you might bag a bargain. But it’s still worth being cautious

To buy a car off eBay you should approach it with the same caution as if you were buying from a private seller. However, although it’s worth being careful – and there are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary ‑ bargains do exist. You’ll find cars that have been lovingly cared for at knock-down prices. And if you’re after a classic, you’ll occasionally come across a gem of a car that’s been undervalued for a quick sale. Here’s how to come away as a satisfied rather than sorry buyer.

Why is eBay better than a regular auction?

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Used car shock: Buyers ignore test drives; sellers dread selling

Used car buying

One in 10 car buyers don’t drive their new car until they’ve actually bought it

Used car buying can be a stressful business while selling can be equally nerve-wracking. It’s probably hardly surprising that the majority of us dread getting rid of our existing cars. And nearly a million car buyers don’t even bother test driving the car that they do buy.

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How to sell your car: work out what it’s worth with a free valuation

How to sell your car: work out what it’s worth with a free valuation

Every day, approximately 20,000 drivers begin the head-scratching process of selling their car. A staggering 7.2 million were sold in 2014, the last full year figures are available for, which means for every new car bought, 3.3 used cars were sold.

For drivers who are changing their car for another, the first hurdle is to find out what your existing motor is worth. Because whether selling it privately or trading it in to a dealer against the value of a new or used car, you could end up hundreds or thousands of pounds out of pocket if you don’t do your homework.

Although you might view selling your car as a daunting process, it’s the work of a moment; something you can do while enjoying a cup of tea with biscuits. Follow this guide to accurately value and sell your car for the best price.

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Used car essential checks: eight to do when buying a motor

Essential research when buying a used car

(Picture © PistonHeads)

Buying a used car involves a degree of luck. But to adapt a quote from famous film producer Samuel Goldwyn: “The harder you work, the luckier you’ll get.” The mantra is one which used car buyers should follow, as the more background checks and research that are carried out, the less chance there is of buying a dodgy motor or being the victim of fraud. These eight checks will help steer drivers towards the used cars that are least likely to let them down.  Continue reading